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What Is Creative Non-Fiction, and How Can You Begin Exploring It?

Novels, short stories, plays, songs, and poems might be what immediately comes to mind when you imagine creative writing, but your text doesn’t have to fall under the umbrella of fiction to be passionate, imaginative, colorful, and vivid. Have you recently decided to get (back into) creative writing? Unless you also explore creative non-fiction, you could needlessly be limiting yourself. This look at the types of creative non-fiction you could dive into should loosen your creative impulses and offer you much-needed inspiration if you’re a little bit lost. 

What is creative non-fiction?

Creative non-fiction differs from creative fiction in one crucial way — while fiction, though often inspired by real-life events and experiences, offers the writer complete creative freedom, creative nonfiction is instead founded on facts. That means that you can’t conjure any element of the text itself from the depths of your imaginative mind, and you’ll have to do your research to ensure any claims you make are factually accurate. 

Writing creative non-fiction does not, on the other hand, mean that your text has to read like an instruction manual or an encyclopedia entry. The “creative” part means you are free to experiment with the words, sentences, and structure of your writing as much as you like. If you are writing creative non-fiction from your own perspective, you also get to infuse your work with personal opinions and experiences.

Among the more common types of creative non-fiction are:

  • Memoirs, autobiographies, and biographies. 
  • Travel writing. 
  • Book, film, and product reviews. 
  • Personal essays. 
  • Marketing copy.
  • Interviews.
  • Speeches. 
  • Op-eds and thinkpieces. 

The primary difference between writing that falls into the category of creative non-fiction and plain old non-fiction is that creative non-fiction gives writers more of a chance to build their worlds and their words. Rather than getting only the cold, hard, facts, readers also gain something else as they dive into creative non-fiction — they may be entertained, inspired, angered, called to action, or feel so immersed in your text they can truly relate. To achieve that effect, creative non-fiction writers use many of the same literary techniques more commonly confined to fiction. 

How to start improving your creative non-fiction

Whether you’re writing a school or college essay, interviewing your uncle about his childhood, or giving a speech to raise funds for a local animal shelter, you can take your creative non-fiction writing skills to the next level by borrowing some of the elements you’ll find in any good work of fiction:

  • Character development. To make your readers, or your audience, care about the people you’re talking about, they’ll need to understand their backstory and the hardships that shaped their lives. 
  • Plot. True, you can’t alter the facts when you’re writing creative non-fiction, but you can change how you tell a story. How can you make your writing more engaging? Fiction often begins by setting the stage, and then excites readers with suspenseful rising action before the story reaches a climax. At the end, all the loose ends are tied up. Creative non-fiction writers can make effective use of this same structure, and if they keep that in mind from the start, it will help them in their research.
  • The setting. You can truly draw your audience in by vividly describing the physical surroundings, the cultural background of the people in your writing, and highlighting small details that could easily be missed, whether you’re interviewing someone or explaining why you should be the next class president. 
  • Your theme. What lies at the heart of your writing? What’s the point? When you have a clear theme in mind throughout, you can not just constantly steer your readers back to it, but also sneak in subtle word choices that reinforce your theme throughout.

The final element is one that’s sorely lacking in non-creative non-fiction — and the reason why that type of text is frequent so very boring to wade through. It’s your personal voice, the big and small ways in which you, as a creative writer, make your own unique mark on your text. Your voice may be the first thing you take out when you’re trying to craft a mechanical work of non-fiction, but as you explore the art of writing creative non-fiction, that voice can shine.

5 Types of Memoirs That Get Published

5 Types of Memoirs That Get Published

There are a few types of memoirs that get published, while there are a lot of other types that simply do not. Understanding what the best types are will give you the best chance of getting on the shelves of your local bookstore. Of course, you still need to look at all of the other factors that go into whether or not a memoir gets published, but at least you know if you are writing in one of these particular subgenres, then you have a better chance than the average person writing something else entirely. Let’s take a look at five types of memoirs that actually get published

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Political Memoirs

Political memoirs, often by people close to a major political figure like a president, are one of the few types of memoir that gets published. People want to find out about powerful people in politics. Usually, it has to be a pretty high profile person; a governor, a president or someone on the White House administration staff at the highest levels. If you were in that position, or you are close to a person in that position, then you might be the right person to write a memoir.


People love rags-to-riches stories, and this type of memoir actually does get read quite often, even when the person writing it is not particularly well-known. The problem is, there are a lot of these types of stories out there, and you have to figure out a way to make yours unique and marketable if you want to get published.

Celebrity Memoirs

Of course, any celebrity that publishes a memoir is going to have their own fan base for marketability. But if you are a friend of a celebrity, publishing a memoir about your own experiences with them might lend you a publishing deal. It depends upon the level of fame that your friend has, how close you are and whether you will be presenting a picture that the public hasn’t seen before.

Tell-All Memoirs

If you know the story behind something – particularly something scandalous – then you might want to think about writing a tell-all memoir. This type of memoir is one of the more popular ones, but it has to be something that is extremely well known or something that only happened recently.

Humorous Memoirs

Another type of memoir that you might be interested in writing using humorous memoir; Jean Shepherd was probably the most well-known humorist of the last century, and one of his essays became the basis for the holiday classic A Christmas Story.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you choose one of these types of memoirs to write, you will have a much better chance of getting published. is a website with lots of articles and resources for publishing, including advice on how to write a memoir. Check them out and get as much information as you can before you begin writing your own memoir.

How to use Ebooks to Market your Personal Brand or Business

An ebook is similar to a book but just in a digital form. The fantastic thing about an ebook is that you may actually utilize it to boost your reputation with others but also to help increase visitors to your site. If you’ve got 30 ebooks you’ve written and they’re excellent ebooks and appeal to a lot of customers, then your aim of selling one million ebooks increase greatly and a lot more quickly then selling only one title. If you just have one ebook that you would like to sell in order to earn a million dollars then you might have to sell one million copies making one-dollar profit on each one. Although it’s very feasible to sell one million ebooks from just 1 title in a brief time period on a viral campaign, most authors have a couple ebooks from a catalog for sale.

If you put in a lot of effort, you will get into the habit of writing an ebook in 1 day. Your next step is going to be to post your new ebook to some of many ebook directories. Though it may appear lucrative to compose your own eBook and sell it, making enough sales to earn decent money isn’t as simple as it appears. Review your eBook and search for the benefits your eBook provides to the readers. Despite the fact that the ebook might cover the subject they need help in and it might even inform them how to repair the issue. The advertising ebook has turned into a very significant part marketing on the web. Actually, developing an advertising ebook is only the start.

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If you’re using it for business, you should shower your leads with the suitable quantity of attention at the appropriate times.  Your likelihood of selling one million ebooks increase dramatically once you have several titles which you’re selling at exactly the same moment. After you have your very first benefit idea selected. You don’t need to know all the answers at this time, you don’t even must know all of them ever but what you do need is to be aware that the answer you need will be seen at precisely the correct time that you require it. There are not any easy answers as both offer advantages and pitfalls. Among the problems I see for men and women who have chosen to turn into an Affiliate Marketer is they think that they will need to know all the answers until they begin. With the inadequate communication, it may lead to other problems particularly linked to your affiliate commission payment.

Generally, the net has been shown that it has helped up change so many facets of our lives. Today people online want information. Whether you own a site or not, you are able to take advantage of autoresponders. Some sites provide free ebook cover templates. Just about any feature that you can place into an internet site can be placed into an EXE format ebook. Some sites won’t be user-friendly. There are sites which provide eBook reviews.

There are many topics on which you may write an ebook, just pick one that you’re suited for. Writing articles about your eBook can be among the most successful methods of eMarketing. Establishing a blog using Googles Blogger is a very simple and fulfilling experience.

Even small online stores will substantially increase your complete revenue. In addition here are a few steps to follow to explode your eBook sales employing totally free articles. Often up to 50% lower than what is earned from an ebook sale for a complete read.

Delighting customers has an immediate effect on the main point, so keep in contact with your customers. If you’re in a company that involves selling like affiliate marketing then the main step to take is to learn your target marketplace. Marketing should be in the work of creating lasting customer marriages, not only courting prospects. If you wind up doing affiliate marketing, keep in mind that honesty is vital.

You will discover and learn why the marketing business is suited to individuals who need to begin their organization and top 4 strategies to prevent the scam of affiliate programs. Online business is the quickest and fastest ways to make additional money on the side. The face and manner of the net and home based affiliate advertising company is constantly changing. When you run your own affiliate advertising business you don’t have a boss telling you what things to do. An individual ought to be suspicious of businesses that operate only by email. In the event the company does not have any excellent site, then you need to consider something different. An excellent affiliate provider knows that a greater commission will continue to keep their very best affiliates happy, and that keeping their affiliates happy is vital to good enterprise.

Fanfiction is coming to the mainstream

People within the writing and fandom communities have long wondered if fanfiction would ever escape the world of the esoteric. The “Tumblr girls” that love fanfiction certainly have their own type. Most in the publishing community have long pushed off fanfiction is niche. That started to change with 50 Shades of Grey but even that hasn’t really brought fanfiction into the public light.

More recently, fanfiction has started broadening its reach and focus. In particular, many teen fiction pieces have done well as stories broaden beyond sex and crazy ships. Places like Reedsy have a lot of story ideas that get people started.

Popular Adaptations and Fanfiction themes

Wattpad has helped with this process as many fanfiction stories have since been adapted into original works. Fanfiction is often easier for younger writers to write because they don’t have to go through the complex process of world building and character building. They get to work with existing characters. This allows these writers to focus on rich storylines rather than characters. Fanfiction, in particular, is also easier to work with when it comes to character development. Characters also come with pre-built problems and ways to grow. The process often feels more natural than when writers create their own characters because creating a good character flaw is one of the hardest things to do when developing the characters.

Stories are also expanding Into wider fandoms that are more appealing to wider audiences. Stories that are alternative endings have been doing particularly well. Flipping key decisions in movies and TV shows. These tend to be a lot more interesting to general audiences as they don’t focus on ships, require deep knowledge of fandoms, or focus on graphic elements. As a result, everyday casual viewers are able to get into the stories as well.

Most Mainstream Fanfics

These are a number of fandoms that have stories that are easier for the public to consume. They range from the obvious popular ones to fandoms that have less fanfiction, but have a more mainstream appeal. As an example, fanfiction around movies designed for younger audiences tend to be more plot driven rather than romance driven.

There is of course Harry Potter fanfiction, one of the largest fandoms for fanfiction there is. While much of this fanfiction, mostly found on AO3 and, does end up being smut, given its shear volume, there are a lot of really great parodies and plot driven stories. My Immortal is certainly the most famous Harry Potter fanfic story that blew up. People have even made illustrated versions of it. In fact, an entire site of more visual fanfic works has spun up on Commaful. Writers in this case actually add pictures to bring the fanfiction pieces to life. For a generation glued to Instagram, visuals obviously are a strong move and good way to go.

Quality Improving

A lot more fanfiction writers are using various writing tools and novel guides to plan and structure their fanfiction. This combined with modern technologies allows for writers to really take their storytelling to the next level.

The Basic Components For Designing an Ebook Cover

Offered in PSD Photoshop format with smart object feature that will help you easily set your design on the monitor. Don’t be scared to trust your instincts when it has to do with book design. Wonderful book cover design always appears to be a practice of reduction and refinement. You will need a book cover design. Overall it’s a convincing and intriguing book cover design as it provides the nature of the title and the story.

Image result for reedsy book cover design

Graphic design is a superb preparation for virtually any profession for the reason that it teaches you that for any 1 problem, there are infinite possible solutions. Needless to say, there are lots of reasons to care about design. To put it differently, if the plan is an immediate representative of what content you’re sending out, a reader will not just stop at reading that work but by extension convince other people to read it as well. You never understand what type of special design you may find. An excellent design doesn’t mean complication and at times the cleaner and clearer, the better. Conceptual, intelligent, and robust cover design isn’t trendy.

Cover design is just one of the main elements of a book’s success. Hence, there’s no denying the simple fact a cover design influences the buyer. Then you should have a suitable e-Book cover design. If you need anything designed, hit up IT Services NYC

Read the interior of the dust jacket in the event the book has one on its cover. The cover should invite readers who have not ever thought about design in any way. There was always another prospective cover. An excellent cover can create a book. It will do that. For that reason, it rarely is worth it to put hard covers on a quick run of books.

Reading is a really important supply of knowledge and it ought to be adopted by each one of us to develop into successful in any field we would like. It is possible to even conduct a little reading and arrange for refreshments, before you begin signing books. Thus, book reading is the ideal habit an individual can develop get the most out of.

Permit the booklovers feel positive once the look at the cover. There’s no need to send them of the LARGE PRINT edition. The usage of paper is deemed suspicious, and paper books play a pivotal function in the resolution of the instance.

To seek out the perfect firm to assist you publish your book, it’s a good idea to enquire from known publishers, but in addition independent companies and of course sources on the web to get who can help with self publishing projects, for example. Maybe the book you’ve written is something which only your family members would be considering, or the local community. Whether you would like a self-bound book that’s hardcover or paperback, with the correct materials you’re able to bind a book right in your own house.

Demonstrate a proactive marketing and advertising plan to publicize your book, focusing on concrete steps which you will take. When it has to do with publishing a book, 1 method doesn’t fit all. Self-published authors who succeed write numerous books annually.

There are several ways of obtaining a book published. You might find it helpful to look for books by that specific author. Very good books don’t just tell you exactly what you wish to hear.

If you wish to destroy your book’s likelihood of succeeding, don’t seek the services of an editor. To determine every time a book was printed, you will need to check within the book and do some research. Your shitty book isn’t likely to earn an entire bunch of difference.

Carry additional copies of your book, should you need to give them away. If you believe your book fails on any of the initial few points, you will likely be wasting your time attempting to implement the rest of the ideas and advice. Otherwise, no matter, the book is launched and you’re on your way. Older books are normally worth more money, but before you are able to establish the book’s value first you need to figure out when it was published. Statistically speaking, if you choose a random self-published book from the ether, the pile of shit possibility has become the most likely one.

Show publishers you know precisely where your book fits into the industry. For instance, if your book is all about infertility, mention that one in six couples in the united states is infertile. Some authors deal with companies they’ve known for quite a while and due to an association and collaboration of several decades. Then you’re not prepared to turn into a bestselling author. Books contain many essential components, for example, preface. If you’re writing more than 1 book in a series then you might want to brand’ all your books and link them together beneath a set.


The Single Best Strategy You Need to Be Using for Best Single Cup Coffee Makers Exposed

Just since it’s a cheaper and simpler way to earn coffee quickly at home does not indicate that you’re able to purchase anything on the business. The coffee will get old quickly if it’s left within a pot for a little while before drinking it. For certain you will never get tired of java, but sometimes you desire a little selection. You are able to get your coffee made almost instantly, without needing to wait around to the coil to heat suitably. The secret to making great coffee are found in the machine itself. Some like strong coffee whereas others might prefer somewhat milder one. By means of example, traditional ground coffee comprises a robust flavor and freshness, because they’re ground just before preparing it.

You’re able to easily make 6 cups of coffee with a single refill. When you are in possession of a ideal coffee cup with you everything else appears to be perfect but if the coffee isn’t perfectly brewed than you can develop into the beast that day. An adequate cup of coffee is a easy and straightforward task with the support of the Stay or Go coffee maker. A wonderful cup of coffee is the real happiness you make it at the beginning of the day. As a result, if you’re searching for a good cup of coffee, you might not have to go any further than the Keurig models.

Coffee makers are perfect for students since they offer convenience. The coffee maker should have detachable components, as they are not hard to wash individually. Ultimately, you are able to surely have one of the very best coffee makers. Nevertheless, before you head out to purchase among the greatest single cup coffee makers, there are a few buying suggestions that you should have.

Vital Pieces of Best Single Cup Coffee Makers

There are various sorts of single serve coffee makers that may give you different varieties of coffee. Single serve coffee makers are now hugely popular over the year due to their portable designs and simplicity of usage. Actually, 1 cup coffee makers are offered in two styles for you to select from. Best single cup coffee maker is perfect for individuality as they allow you to personalize your coffee just how you prefer it.

Ease of use You desire a coffee maker with a simple learning curve. Coffee makers have a vast scope of selections out there. While one cup coffee makers are usually more compact than the conventional types, all will not arrive in exactly the same size. When it has to do with buying the best 1 cup coffee maker, the only means to make certain to get it right is to request a real-life demonstration.

Maybe you would like your coffee extremely hot or merely warm. In contrast to regular coffee machines, you’re able to protect against making coffee which you simply aren’t likely to drink. Then you ought to be in a position to receive your coffee dispensed effortlessly. For someone who brews coffee daily, you might want to have an option that’s better for the surroundings. A complete coffee starts a ideal moment!

Coffee is really the most important priority after the day begins. Furthermore, you can fix the coffee’s strength by making use of the regular or bold settings. Clearly, you are aware that the machine will produce the single-serve quantity of coffee. Moreover, it makes the coffee promptly. If you would like hot, tasty coffee and you would like it fast, Hamilton Beach The Scoop is a huge selection.

With various sorts of coffee, there are various sorts of coffee makers also. For instance, some coffee makers can be programmed to brew coffee at a certain time. 1 important point when buying a coffee maker is its cost. Thus, the coffee maker also comes with a charcoal water filter to provide you only clean and tasteless water, therefore it doesn’t wind up affecting the total aroma and taste of every cup. Moreover, you’ve got tons of selection when you want a coffee maker. You don’t need to devote a lot to have a well-made, compact and easy-to-use coffee maker. As mentioned earlier, there are quite many reasons why you ought to think about getting the most effective single cup coffee makers.

How to Find Best Single Cup Coffee Makers on the Web

Single serve coffee makers arrive in a variety of sizes. Even in the event the coffee maker does use grounds, they’re still very simple to clean. It is however easy to use, and when you want to clean it, that’s also rather simple. With several models out in the sector, deciding on buying a single serve coffee maker could be confusing. Water reservoir Many single-cup coffee makers have a huge water reservoir, and therefore you don’t need to refill it every single time you want to create a cup of coffee.

4 Annual Writing Contests for International Writers

4 Annual Writing Contests for International Writers

Are you an international writer looking for recognition? Entering a writing contest could be the catalyst your writing career needs to blast off into the stratosphere. Every year, hundreds of prestigious writing competitions offer aspiring authors the opportunity to achieve international acclaim.

Look through this list of 5 opportunities for annual or biennial writing contests, even if the deadline has passed, you can prepare for next years’ submission. Enter the contest that suits your writing style and submit your piece before the deadline. Win one of these contests, and you could feature as the next rising international star of the writing community.

1. Hektoen Grand Prix Essay Contest

Hektoen International, an online journal specializing in writing relate to medical humanities, present this competition. The award offers two prizes, announced annually for submissions of no more than 1,600 words in two different categories.

The best essay suited to their Famous Hospitals section receives a cash prize of $1,200. The best piece adapted to the sections of Literary Vignettes, Art Flashes, Physicians of Note, or Moments in History, receives a secondary prize with the winner earning $1,000. Their 2019 deadline for 2018 submissions is still pending.

2. Stowe Prize

This contest features a colossal cash prize of $10,000 for the winner. The Stowe prize is a biennial award that honors the work of Harriet Beecher Stowe and seeks to find the best submission that reflects the fight for social justice, similar to her groundbreaking work, in Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Upon submitting your manuscript, you must complete a 250-word motivation on how your work has made a tangible impact on social dynamics. The deadline for this contest is still pending.

3. FutureScapes Writing Contest

Inspired by social dynamics, economics, geopolitics, and culture? Then this is the writing contest you’ve been looking for online. FutureScapes are seeking the best essay covering futurist concepts that can lay a foundation for new ideas that can progress humanity.

The winner receives a cash prize of $2,000, with the runner-up earning a tidy $1,000. Along with a handsome financial reward, the winners will receive the chance to be published in an anthology read by leaders that include members of Congress, judges, governors, and majors. Be the change you want to see in the world with your submission for this contest, the annual deadline for 2018 is still pending.

4. The Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Non-Fiction

Win this competition and earn publication of your submission in Lunch Ticket, the literary and art journal produced by the MFA community of Antioch University Los Angeles. Lunch Ticket has a base of thousands of readers, and thousands of influential writers and journalists will have the opportunity to read your piece.

Submissions are limited to 5,000-words of unpublished, creative nonfiction, and the winner also receives a cash prize of $250. Deadlines for biannual reading periods are the month of August for the Winter/Spring issue and the month of February for the Summer/Fall issue.

5. The Reedsy Short Story Contest

For those that can’t wait a full year for their contest submission, try out Reedsy’s weekly writing contests. Reedsy publishes the winners work on their Medium blog, which has thousands of daily views, and they also offer a $50 cash prize. The entry is free; all you need to do is sign up for the weekly newsletter at

How to Get Reviews on Self-Published Books

How to Get Reviews on Self-Published Books

If you are going to be successful at self-publishing, you’re going to have to get good reviews on your books. This is not referring to critical reviews, although if you can get these and they are positive then you definitely should, but instead is referring to actual customer reviews from people who bought the book and want to tell others what they thought about it. If the book was good, the majority of them will tell others that they recommend it. If the book is bad, then the reviews are probably going to hurt your sales. But let’s assume that you have a good book and you are going to get good reviews. How do you get them in the first place?


Image result for reedsy book review blogs

The Value of Amazon Reviews

First, understand that publishing on Amazon and getting Amazon reviews is going to be one of the most useful things you can do for book sales. That’s not only because Amazon is the largest retailer of digital and physical books on the planet, it is also because when someone types in the title of your book, it’s going to be those Amazon reviews that likely get listed at the top of the search results. Getting positive Amazon reviews for your book is going to drive sales more than just about anything else you can do.

Things not to do to Get Reviews

there are some things that you want to be aware of when it comes to getting Amazon reviews, as well as reviews from other retailers. There are lots of services out there that claim to be foolproof five-star review services that will get your book in the public eye and make people want to purchase it. While it is true that these people can leave five-star reviews on your book if you pay them, the odds are really good that Amazon will figure out quickly that they are posting reviews for money and remove all of their reviews from the entire site. Plus, this is against Amazon’s terms of service, so you may even have your books removed from the Amazon site. This goes for several other retailers as well.

Asking Readers to Leave Reviews

One of the best ways to get reviews is to simply ask readers to leave one at the end or beginning of your book. Most readers that love your book will leave a review if you asked them to. In fact, one of the main reasons that people don’t leave reviews simply because they forget or decide they’re going to do it later in the never do.

Getting Involved on the Kindle Boards

Finally, you definitely want to get involved in the Kindle boards, which is a forum for Kindle readers and authors. The benefit of this is that if you can get other authors to buy your books, or even offer free promotions such as through the Kindle Select program, these authors will likely leave a review because they know the value of having them.

A good place to hunt for book reviewers is Reedsy’s directory of blogs

Starting Your Story at the Right Place

Starting Your Story at the Right Place

One of the things that will make it easier for you to grab a reader’s attention and keep it is starting your story in the right place. Many writers are innately aware of this due to the books that they have read, while others have to learn the right place to start a story. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the place to start. Get some legalized bud lit, then let’s look at each of them below.

Avoid Exposition Right Away

You don’t want to start your story off with a bunch of exposition. Exposition in the first few paragraphs your story is going to turn off readers and editors alike. Starting your story in the right place means you start with something that people are going to want to keep reading about. Sometimes this can be a good bit of dialogue, but more often it is something that is happening within the story that make someone want to find out more.

Image result for reedsy how to start a story

Use “Need to Know” for Beginnings

When it comes to the beginning, think about what people need to know and only give them that information at first. Remember, you only have a certain number of paragraphs – or possibly even sentences – to get someone hooked within your story. Make sure that you are leaving out extraneous information that you can give them later on.

Avoid Character Descriptions

Avoid describing characters in the beginning. This is something that new writers do quite often. They think that they have to describe the character in great detail before they can get into the story. Not only is it a bad idea to do at the beginning, but often you don’t need to do it at all because the reader can fill in information about the character from their imagination. Remember that you want to show and not tell. A reader should be able to infer certain details based upon what is going on within the story, dialogue that is happening or other parts of the narrative.

Talking about Action is Not Action

You should get right to the action when you are starting a story. But you need to remember that talking about action is not the same thing as action. Some writers, especially if they are writing in first person point of view, tend to tell the readers about the action that has happened up to that point or is about to happen. This is a bad idea. Instead of talking about the action, actually create a narrative where the action happens in real time.

Don’t Forget the Hook

The hook is the most important part of the story. The hook is usually the first sentence of your novel or short story. The hook is something that people read and immediately makes them want to find out more. A hook is intriguing and mysterious. Writing something like ‘John poured a cup of coffee’ is not going to make readers want to keep going.

If you want more writing tips on how to start a story, check out Reedsy


The Multiple Types of Author Profiles for the Digital Age

Your author bio is one of the most important tools you have when it comes to promoting your books. When someone reads one of your books, they will seek out your author bio, but people that are thinking about reading your books might also look at your bio and try to decide whether or not to buy. But these days, you need to have a bunch of different bios prepared for the various places to post them on the web. Let’s talk about six different types of bios that you might have to create.


You are definitely going to need a bio for Twitter. But there are a limited number of characters that you can use for your Twitter profile, so you’ll need to come up with something short and concise. You still want to give enough relevant information for people to know that you are an author – unless you are so well known that it is common knowledge – but you need to keep it short.

Other Social Media

Luckily, other social media outlets have more space to list your profile. For example, author bios on Instagram or Facebook can be a paragraph or so. You still have to be relatively concise, but you don’t have to list just the bare minimum details that you would when putting your author bio on Twitter. You should use the maximum amount of space on social media if you can.

Magazine By-Line

When it comes to magazine by-lines, you might have even less than Twitter. A magazine byline may just give you a single, short sentence; two at the most. “Your bio may read something like: John Doe is an author of 3 horror novels and lives in Tallahassee with his wife and two kids.” There isn’t much space so make sure that you are including the most important things.

Amazon Author Page

Your Amazon Author page is a little different because you have a lot more space in order to work. However, you do want to keep in mind that even though there is plenty of space on the actual Amazon author page, there is going to be limited amount of space on each page of your book listings.

Your Website “About” Section

You should have plenty of room to include as much information as you want on your about section of your personal website. You can include several paragraphs of detail on your website page, because people are only going to visit your site if they are really curious about you and want to find out a lot more.

Book Proposal Bio

The one place where you should list everything you can is whenever you are creating an author bio for a book proposal. You want to make sure that you list all of your relevant experience, education, awards and more so that a publisher or an agent will have the confidence of your expertise when it comes to determining whether they are going to represent or publish your book.